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eLitmus Preparation Guide


What is Elitmus Ph Test ?

eLitmus Preparation Guide  ELitmus is said to be one of the India’s largest Employability test which helps students to get a job. They conduct perfect assessment of students and then send them to recruitment for company that is for the entry level engineers. eLitmus will conduct a test, written test called pH test and based on the scores they will send the students to companies. eLitmus is said to be the online job consultancy which helps fresh graduates and students in getting a best suitable job based on their profile.

Importance of Elitmus PH test :

Elitmus is a private test conductors which asses the student well and help the corporate to recruit students from them. eLitmus has a management team which looks after its clients and help them to shortlists candidates with the percentile they scored appropriate to a job profile. They have tie up with many companies and their client list is filled with almost all the top companies in India. So you can be sure of getting a good job, if you have scored a good percentile.

Requirements for PH Test:

You must be a Pre-Final year, Final year or a graduate to attend this test.

Elitmus Test Pattern :

Elitmus Exam Syllabus : There is no specific syllabus for elitmus ph test its almost same as CAT exam .

There are three sections in elitmus paper.

1. Quants

2. Logical Reasoning

3. Verbal

Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions. The maximum marks is 600. The questions in each section are objective in nature with multiple choices, and are categorized into several levels of difficulty. Your final score will reflect the difficulty level of the questions i.e, Some questions would have been given high marks when answered correct. So your marks wont be reflecting the number of questions correctly answered by you.

It presumes only a familiarity with high school level mathematics, and some proficiency in essential English language skills. All required formulae are provided in the question paper.

 Elitmus Exam Questions Verbal Section : This includes Reading comprehension, Sentence Correction/Completion, Analogy.

Elitmus Quantitative aptitude Questions : This includes Arithmetic, Geometry, Probability, Mensuration and other basic mathematics.

Problem solving section : that includes Critical reasoning, Puzzles, DI/DS.

Each sections consists of 20 question.

Note: There could be changes in this structure from time to time, as our testing experts continually fine-tune and evolve the test, in their constant effort to draw the best measure of your true ability.

Handicap based negative marking and score interpretation:

Download Sample Papers for Elitmus Exam.

This is an empirical approach that leverages the performance feedback of companies.

First, negative marking based on resources utilized (similar to Duckworth Lewis methodology in cricket) and the accuracy of wrong answers. For example a student who gets 4 wrong answers out of 30 attempts is penalized higher for each wrong answers compared to a student who gets 4 wrong answers out of 40 attempts.

Second, every question has close wrong answers and irrelevant wrong answers. For example a question like “What is the capital of India?” could have choices as Delhi, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. A person marking Delhi as an answer is treated differently as compared to a person marking Mumbai who is marked differently with a person marking Bangalore.

Tips to score good marks in Elitmus | How To Crack Elitmus Exam:

Work hard : By which you can crack any exam .

  • To solve Elitmus Test questions you need to study from good books , You can refer CAT material

(Times material will be good) . Actually i studied from Times material and scored 89% in first attempt so I feel it will be good .

  • R.S Aggarawal questions do not match which level of Elitmus questions . So don’t rely on it only .
  • You can score good in Verbal section as it contain two or sometime three unseen passage and they are not too tough .
  • probability and permutation & combination are important topics for Quant section.
  • Don’t waste your time in mugging the formulae because All necessary formulae are provided in the question paper.
  • There is negative marking So Dont attend the question which you dont know . OR Don’t make blind guesses .
  • By answering only 8 or 9 correct questions in elitmus ph test you can score more than 85 percentile . Keep this point in mind
  • while writing elitmus test.
  • Dont waste time on questions to don’t know or don’t get stuck in one question .Time management is very important in
  • Elitmus exam.
  • Do practice as much as you can .

How to apply for a pH test?

To apply to a pH Test follow below steps:

–> Go to www.eLitmus.com and click on Sign Up, Register here by entering your email id and password.

–> Fill up your profile with your Personal and Academic details.

–> Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email id

–> Go to Tests->All Tests and apply for pH test.

–>Then go to ‘Tests’->’My Tests’ section to get your Registration Id. You can either pay online or send them DD or pay in their Bangalore office.

Minimum Requirement for getting call from companies:

Although there is no minimum reqirement for PH Test, you need to  secure a  cut off of  70 percentile or above, to qualify for interview calls.If you get above 70% then you can attend all the E litmus interview provided you have the eligibility marks in your academic.

Books for Elitmus Exam Preparation : You can refer Quantum CAT , Quantative aptitude by Arihant publications or Quant Aptitude by Tata Magraw Hill ,there are many other books available but according to me CAT material will be best .

I suggest u to refer the book of “QUANTATIVE APTITUDE BY ARUN SHARMA” for Elitmus exam..

This is the old Question paper which is the only one available for download.

Note:-  If you have any previous papers in your hand send to us by email freepreparation@gmail.com with you name and detail which we will show on  our website :-

Company Profile :- http://www.freepreparation.com/elitmus-company-profile/

Sample Papers :-http://www.freepreparation.com/elitmus-sample-papers/

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